Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Abbie and Gabe

Some weddings are beautiful because they are simple, streamlined, and designed around a unified theme. One example would be the wedding of Suanne and James (you can see photos here or here). Other weddings are beautiful because they express unique personality of the bride and groom a la JP and Katy. Abbie and Gabe's wedding was the best of both worlds. I was recently reminded that this wedding was not without its was WINDY, and it was unseasonably cold, and the seating plan was a disaster with a capital D. There are so many wonderful things to remember about this wedding! The vivid colors, unique and personal touches (the cake topper & father-daughter dance), and fantastic food.

Food, beverage and linens provided by Acapulco

DJ Gabirel Holm

Cake by Keys Cafe
Tent by Midway Party Rental

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