Friday, August 28, 2009

Jameson Bast

Photographer Jameson Bast has provided the images from Deepa and Jared's wedding. You've already seen some pictures from their very wet wedding here, remember? If you are interested in learning more about Jameson, just drop him an email!

Deepa and Jared took their pictures in Pioneer Park located just 1 minute from the Stillwater Public Library.

Deepa's father stopped in to visit a few weeks ago. Despite the bad luck they had with weather, he was very happy with the event. He said it sometimes felt to him like the day was a bit of a disaster...and I'm sure it did. Apparently, Deepa and a bridesmaid fainted during the church ceremony, and the bridesmaid needed to go to the ER! Despite the medical emergency and the rain, the father of the bride received nothing but compliments on the unique reception location provided by the Stillwater Public Library. Once the music started, and dinner was served nobody even noticed the bare tables.

It warmed my heart to hear this! Deepa and Jared's wedding was truly one of those worst case scenarios every bride has nightmares about. It rained at exactly the wrong time, and all the effort they put into decor was obliterated, even though it only rained for 10-15 minutes. The family and wedding party handled everything with true grace, and just went on with the night. Even in retrospect, Deepa & Jared would not have spent the money to rent a large canopy for their 250 guests - they were in love with the idea of an alfresco reception. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh, open your umbrella, and enjoy the rainbow.

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