Monday, February 20, 2012

Keep your tablecloth on the table!

Have you ever seen how fast a polyester tablecloth goes up in flames?  You don't want to!  Especially not on your wedding day.  Renee at Kowalski's catering also knows how fast those linens can ignite, but that's a story for another day (and the price you pay for pefectly finished creme brulee).

I have seen many great decor ideas go awry thanks to a rogue wind gust, or from sustained winds.  During one October wedding in 2011, the wind gusts were so strong that when guests visited the nacho bar, their chips would blow right off their plates.  I've also seen 50 pound ceramic containers blow over and smash.  For most weddings, the winds aren't strong enough to cause real damage, but blowing tablecloths are a frequent pest.
The wind often causes the table coverings  to rise up and land on top of the table.  This causes the overhang on your table linen to flop onto candles, knock over water goblets, centerpieces and champagne flutes. It also can cause the entire linen to blow onto the ground, taking silverware, napkins, and centerpieces with it. 
There are simple precautions that can be taken, such as tying strong fishing line around any vertical floral arrangements, and using weights or clamps to keep your tablecloths from blowing up. 
Check out this inexpensive idea using hardware store washers from The Petite Sewist.  These can be quickly sewed to tablecloth corners, or attached with safety pins.

Here is another idea that is attached with magnets...super cute!

You can also order table cloth clamps from most party stores, but they typically cost about $3/table.  It's not a huge cost, but I have spent almost $100/year keeping up the supply of tablecloth clamps, and I have given up.  I have a few left for brides to borrow, but because I lose so many I need to charge for any that are broken or lost after each wedding.

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