Saturday, May 15, 2010

Season Opener

Today, at the Stillwater Public Library, the 2010 wedding season began. This year marks the beginning of our 4th wedding season, and the beginning of my 3rd wedding season as Event Coordinator.

I have spent more time than I would care to admit over the last two weeks glued to the weather channel, and worrying that the Mother's Day cold snap would last. The bride, however, never batted an eyelash when the snow started to fly on May 9th. Her father, a farmer, predicted that May 15th would be a beautiful day, and she had unwaivering faith in his forecast.

The day was as near perfect as they come. It was 75 degrees atop Johnson Terrace, with the slightest breeze, and just a few clouds floating in the sky. The bride, an outdoor enthusiast, took inspiration from nature when planning the wedding floral design with the groom's mother. A chandelier with a "branchy" feel was hung from the pergola as a centerpiece. All the floral arrangements had a wild, loosly arranged feel. Most were green and spring-like; filled with pussy willow, Picasso calla lilies, and bright greenery. Hints of purple and pink were also included, but kept subtle except in the brides bouquet and around the unity candle.

The wedding ceremony spoke volumes about how beautiful simplicity can be. Prelude and ceremony music was provided by the Summit Hill Brass Quintet.

There was no processional of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The groom quietly walked to the center of the pergola when he was ready, and the bride was escorted by her father. Family and friends were able to enjoy the ceremony from a seated vantage point, and having few official responsibilities, were free to enjoy the day.

I am intrigued with the idea of eliminating the bridal party. Maybe this is because I have a closet full of purple chiffon and satin dresses that will never be worn again. Maybe it's because of the sense of ease the ceremony today created. Imagine, a wedding without a rehearsal, tuxedo measurement cards, bridal party gifts, or the battle over bridesmaid dresses. I certainly didn't miss the flurry of curling irons, makeup, and hairspray in the conference room where the bridal party normally prepares for the wedding. Everything today felt effortless and stress free.

One of the overriding benefits of holding ceremony and reception at the same venue, is the ability to instantly transition from ceremony to reception. As soon as the I do's were completed, guests were invited to grab a cool drink, and minutes later the buffet was open. An informal buffet was provided by TWO, a menu of unfussy, hearty food such us bruschetta, crostini with apples and brie, and assorted freshly prepared desserts. Beverage service was provided by Acapulco. An iPod shuffled through light jazz music as guests mingled and made multiple trips to the ever changing array of options on the buffet. As the sun started to creep behind the library, nobody seemed to want the party to end. The remaining guests were finally enticed downtown. A 10th inning to be held at The Kitchen.

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