Friday, August 28, 2009

Crane Update

The parking ramp construction on 3rd Street continues! In the last update I received, AP Construction estimated that the crane would come down in "mid-to-late September unless...."

Although the crane was upsetting to a few couples with weddings scheduled for 2009, the majority of couples decided to go ahead with plans for a wedding on the terrace. Several couples brought wedding bells or signs down to the AP construction site, and had their decorations hung on the crane, to the delight of their guests. The consensus for wedding guests and the couples celebrating their wedding on the terrace has been that the crane is just not a big deal. In fact, I have one groom-t0-be that has repeatedly mentioned that he will be DEVASTATED if the crane comes down before his September wedding.

Photo courtesy of The Minnesota Image

The project is scheduled to be complete by November 1, 2009. One stair tower and one elevator tower will rise about 1 story above Third Street, thus the Library's view of the St. Croix should not be affected. Elevations sketched by the architect can be found here. You can read about the project in the Stillwater Gazette. Or, if you want more facts about tower cranes, check out How Stuff Works (which is one of the most useful websites E V E R).

If you would like to monitor the parking commission's progress in determining what the cost of parking in the ramp will be, you can find information on the website for the City of Stillwater, including the parking commission members.

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