Monday, June 22, 2009

The Only Way to See a Rainbow

"The only way to see a rainbow is to look through the rain."


Everything was ready for the arrival of Deepa and Jarred's guests. Their tables were covered with brown and gold table cloths, and draped in an assortment of indian silks and sari fabrics. Candles on each table were glowing; light was dancing off the metalic gold threads that united the many shades of gold, red, and terra cotta in the table linens and decor. The sky had been threatening rain all day, but had cleared and was blue with fluffy white clouds. Just as the majority of guests arrived for dinner, the clouds began to darken, and a 15 minute down pour of rain soaked everything!
Everyone waited out the rain in the Library's art gallery. The guests commented on what a shame it was that the beautiful tables were all soaked through...the candles extinguished...the favor boxes wilting. But then, as the sun emerged from behind the clouds, a giant double rainbow arched accross the sky. Everyone was drawn outside to get a look, and forgot all about the soggy wedding decorations. The rainbow, and the view provided from the terrace dominated the conversation for the rest of the evening.
Dinner was provided by Taste of India, and instead of a wedding cake, summer pies (rhubarb, apple, banana creme) were served.

You can read an article about folklore and mythology surrounding rainbows here.

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