Monday, June 22, 2009

Who Forgot to Feed the Cat?

It happens at least once every summer. That day (and it always seems to be a Saturday) when you wake up to rain. That day when it rains ALL DAY LONG. That day when the grass finally turns green, and the flowers grown an inch overnight. Unfortunately for Alyssa and Trent, that day was their wedding day.

Here is a great article about the lore surrounding a wet, soggy wedding day. This is required reading material for anyone planning an outdoor wedding. Apparently, the pagan panacea for wedding day rain is to feed your cat. The library panacea is RESERVE A TENT. Thankfully, Trent and Alyssa had done just that!
Watch for an updated link to SoulCam Photography, who took some amazing pictures! I didn't have time to take any for myself.

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