Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Wedding Wind

A wedding wind blows in your ear.
It whispers of the day,
With promises of love so dear,
And songs that sweetly play...

Mark E. Guckin

Spring has arrived in the St. Croix Valley! The trees have finally sprouted leaves, spring irises, daffodils and azaleas are in full bloom, and today Megan and Jake celebrated their wedding on Johnson Terrace. It was the first wedding of the season here at Stillwater Public Library.

The weather forcast all week long promised a beautiful day, but I had my doubts at 4 AM when I awoke to a damp 40 degree morning with 35 mph wind gusts screaming through the trees. However, by the time my set-up crew arrived at 10 a.m., the sun was up, and already heating the clay pavers on the terrace floor. The up-shot of having a brisk wind, was that it blew the boom on the crane gracing the southeast corner of terrace straight out toward the river, rendering it invisible from the library, and minimizing it's appearance. When taking pictures, I had to intentionally try to get the crane in pictures, because it was well out of the view of wedding guests and photographers during the ceremony.

The ceremony was very simple. The only decorations were full-sized calla lillies tied to the chairs along the center aisle. Piano music played during the processional. Pastor Ray Lafke delivered a beautiful message using the river, water and sand to present a wonderful lesson about marriage.

A reception followed the ceremony on the Andiamo river boats. Out of town guests could spend Sunday enjoying the Rivertown Art Festival in downtown Stillwater.

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