Saturday, January 10, 2009

Makin' Whoopie

The beautiful thing about the Stillwater Public Library, is that it is surrounded by the breath taking scenery of the St. Croix River Basin, and historic downtown Stillwater. Many of the simple weddings, like this one held in Mid-August, are just as beautiful as the high end weddings.

This wedding filled with unexpected twists! Special favors were provided for the children in attendance. Small toys and games in a pretty little garden pail for each of the children kept them busy all afternoon. Petite bags of cherries were provided for the adult favors, and NOTHING is better than fresh cherries on a hot August day, except maybe a rootbeer that's been sitting on ice (served out of galvanize buckets-great for an afternoon garden reception).

Whoopie pies in the place of a wedding cake were a huge hit; ice cold cream filling surrrounded by rich fluffy chocolate cake. Is there anything better? I still think about them. Kowalski's provided the all the food for this wedding, and did a great job of coming up with an appetizer/buffet menu that didn't need to be served or heated for guests. It was absolutely the perfect fit for an afternoon reception on a balmy day. It kept costs down, and it tasted great. The food was a variety of italian-inspired finger sandwiches (nothing was soggy, and everything was fresh, fresh, fresh), and great cheese platters.

I should also mention that the Stillwater Public Library has a great parking garage that is included in the rental fee! There are some summer afternoons when there is not a parking spot to be found.

I have to extend special thanks to Nik & Meghan for sending me all the pictures, and letting me use them on the blog. Thank you, thank you for helping me to promote the library, and the weddings that help support library operations!
If you know someone who is in the planning stages of their wedding, please tell them about Stillwater Public Library. You can find more information about wedding ceremonies and receptions on our event website.

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