Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Insurmountable Obstacles On the Way to Imminent Disaster

That is how the theatre business is described in Shakespeare In Love, and let me tell you, it is no different with weddings. It all started when the sculpture show from Franconia Sculpture Park arrived on a Thursday evening in early August. I think it goes without saying that cast-aluminum mustaches or candles shaped like the Klu Klux Klan aren't exactly the decor most people imagine for their wedding day. Explaining to the bride's sister-in-law that "yes, the decaying cow carcass in bronze will be staying" is always interesting!

The next day, the chairs, tables and linens arrived 4 hours before the person with the set-up diagram. The bridesmaid with the flowers for the cake got stuck at the church and missed the baker. The DJ arrived equipped with the best sound-system his company owned. Normally state-of-the-art equipment isn't a problem...except that nobody told him the night's festivities would be OUTSIDE. After his initial shock, the DJ set up all his equipment...because afterall...there wasn't a cloud in the sky...
...that is, until the caterer's arrived (along with the clouds...dark, heavy rain clouds). As the tables for 200 guests were being set-up the clouds got darker and darker, but since there was no tent on reserve and no Plan B to fall back on, everyone just kept moving ahead with Plan A to hold the reception outside. Then it started to sprinkle, and the DJ had to strip down every bit of the equipment he had just spent hours setting up and move inside. Meanwhile the rain slowed the caterer's progress in setting all the tables.

AND THEN all the rain moved off in another direction, so the DJ had to move everything back OUTSIDE...which he was right in the middle of doing when the Bride and Groom showed up for the grand march. It was a good thing they were so distracted by the DJ and the rain because I misspelled the groom's name on every sign, on every door into the building. SIGH.
But, strangely enough, all turned out well. The clouds passed, the night grew clear, and it was a wonderful celebration, with beautiful decorations, excellent food, and fun music. How? I don't know how. To quote Shakespear In Love, "It's a mystery."
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