Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

Johnson Terrace, on the roof of the Stillwater Public Library, has a wonderful view of the Saint Croix River, and downtown Stillwater. You really can't beat it for a backdrop on your wedding day. The Terrace can accomodate up to 300 guests, however the indoor space can only comfortably accomodate 120 guests when seated at tables. I always recommend that wedding receptions of 200 guests or more reserve a tent.

Watching a canopy tent go up is AMAZING! There is always a moment when the canopy is completely stretched and ready to be secured when it looks like the wind coming off the river will catch it, and turn it into a 40 ft x 80 ft kite. Most wedding parties contract with Midway Party Rental as they seem to have the largest selection of tents and tent accessories. It takes about 20 fifty-gallon drums, filled completely with water to keep one of the tents from becoming a airborn. It is quite the production when we have a tent wedding.

This tent pictured here was from the wedding of Mike and Emily. This wedding was all about fun. Just check out the can coozies as wedding favors. The inscription reads "to have and to hold, and to keep your drink cold." A buffet-style bbq dinner followed by a spread of different desserts was served by the Grand (follow the link in the previous post for more info on Grand Catering).

The sky was cloudy and overcast all day long, and it gave everyone peace of mind to know that the tent was in place no matter what happend with the weater. It did rain, but even without sides the tent did a great job of keeping everyone dry. The funny thing with tents is that rain ponds on top of the canopy until there is a puddle large enought to SPLASH over the sides. If you have a tent event, and don't want to splurge on the canvas sides, make sure to keep everything at least 3 to 4 feet inside the perimiter of the tent. The riot of colors at this reception keep everything bright and cheery despite the weather.

The night, after the rain cleared around 8:00 pm became clear, and cool. The guests could venture out under our pergola for dancing until 11:oo pm. I was learning a brand new camera, so some of the night pictures are a bit interesting! Check out the moon in the picture on the left.

Special thanks to Mike & Emily for being such a joy to work with, and all their very kind words!

If you would like to be married at Stillwater Public Library, please visit our website for all the details.

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