Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Rainout #1

"The last three days
The rain was unstoppable
It was always cold
No sunshine...

Tom Petty, Running Down a Dream

The Stillwater Public Library's second wedding of 2010 was record breaking. For the first time a wedding ceremony had to be moved from outside under the pergola, into the Margaret Rivers Room. The unsettled weather pattern was very frustrating for all involved; the spotty rain showers and isolated storms kept everyone guessing until 12:00 on Saturday. Just when it looked like it was about to clear up, new showers and storms would pop up on the radar.

At noon, it was decided that chairs would be set outside for the wedding ceremony, in hopes that rain would hold off until after 4 PM. Tables and chairs were set in the Margaret Rivers Room, and a buffet in the Gallery. However, by 3 PM the rain made an early appearance, and was showing no signs of letting up. Instead of an outdoor ceremony, the ceremony would be held in the Margaret Rivers Room. Tables were pushed to each side to make room for an aisle, and seating for the immediate family members of the bride and groom. A left-over aisle runner, and a live garland of greenery and roses were added to the indoor space, and last minute preparations were made with the minister and bridal party to re-work the ceremony into the tighter space.

The ceremony was certainly not the alfresco affair the bride and groom had planned. However, with all their friends and family tucked into the Margaret Rivers Room the low light and flickering candles created a warm and intimate mood instead.

After the ceremony, cocktails (provided by Acapulco) and Italian appetizers (from Mama Maria's) were served in the gallery, while in the Margaret Rivers Room the head table was placed where the aisle had been. Silverware and napkins were added to the tables, and guests invited back into the dining room for a dinner buffet from Mama Maria's in North Hudson. By the time dinner began, the sun was starting to break through the clouds.

By the end of dinner, the weather cleared enough for the DJ to move outside for the dance. The square ribbon cake from Fresh Fields Bakery was cut and served on plates in the gallery. The cake was beautiful, and tasted great. Trust me, not all cakes score well on both scales.

At 10 PM, when amplified music was required to move inside the DJ began karaoke in the Margaret Rivers Room, it was a big hit with the kids and groomsmen, and kept the remaining spectators so well entertained, that they were reluctant to leave for home!

Photographer Lara Leimbach had promised to share her images ASAP. Please check back soon for the official pictures.

Florist: Carra, La Petite Fleur
Baker: Fresh Fields
Bar: Acapulco
Catering: Mama Maria's
Photography: Lara Leimbach

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