Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Partnerships

Happy 2010! Oh, how time flies when you are having fun. Speaking of 2010, 2011 is fast approaching, and the library is now accepting reservations for 2011 summer weddings. Act fast if you are looking for June or September dates. I had several phone inquiries about 2011 dates today. I'm amazed by the 2011 brides; they are really on the ball! I'm still suffering from post-holiday fatigue, and they are already out buying dresses and touring reception venues.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Aimee Pelletier, owner of Darn.Knit. {anyway} in downtown Stillwater. If you haven't stopped in to check it out, you should! It's a beautiful shop, and has much more than just knitting supplies. It's full of the cutest little things...things you can buy without having to knit or crochet anything at all...and full of the cutest little ideas and inspirations if you are the crafty type! I picked up some cheery yellow glazed pottery buttons which have the tiniest of tulips carved into them. Those buttons made it feel 20 degrees warmer outside. The library's foundation and Darn.Knit. will be teaming up for a fun March event (details coming soon...hopefully).

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