Monday, January 4, 2010


"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy."
-Anton Chekhov

Did you know that statistically, July is the warmest month in the northern hemisphere? July is also considered to be the beginning of the "dog days" of summer, according to wikipedia. I always thought August was the hottest month, until I had to start paying attention to weekend weather trends. This crazy summer was an anomaly, with very cool July weekends. The absence of overbearing heat made for some unique for wedding challenges on Johnson Terrace at Stillwater Public Library.
When set-up for Joe & Berit's mid-July wedding ceremony began, it was only 50 degrees! Intermittent showers persisted throughout the early afternoon, but Joe & Berit were brave and forged ahead with the plan to hold the event outside, rather than switching to a ceremony inside the Margaret Rivers Room.

I didn't get many pictures of this event. I wish I'd focused on taking some better photos of the amazing floral arrangements. The pictures posted here just don't do them justice! The arrangements and bouquets all featured Vermeer Mini-Calla Lilies. They have a creamy, almost yellow outside, with an aubergine, or deep purple inside. They looked amazing with the plum bridesmaid dresses. I love calla lilies. They are a very hardy flower, and they don't have an overpowering scent like stargazer lilies (which always remind me of a funeral parlor). Calla lilies sometimes seem very costly per stem, but they have a big impact! They are also one of those flowers that lends itself to "do it yourself" floral arrangements. Calla lilies ship well, and are very easy to arrange. Hydrangeas are another flower I would recommend for do-it-yourself-ers without a lot of floral experienced.

Much of Berit's family had flown in from Norway for the wedding, and wore their traditional bunads (wool!). The cool weather was a pleasant surprise for them. It did however, render some other thoughtful touches, like chilled water (good thing they didn't go for the popsicles Berit wanted) completely useless.

Fortune shone down upon this wedding, even if the sun did not. The sprinkles died-out and the heaviest of clouds shifted so that the ceremony was high-and-dry. Joe and Berit were laid-back and calm; confindent that the weather would hold-out for their wedding. They didn't notice if it was 40 degrees or 90. They were, afterall, getting married!

P. S. a reception followed at The Grand.

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