Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sick and Tired

I have to admit that the 35 outdoor weddings at the Stillwater Public Library during the 2010 season wore me out. I haven't cleaned my house since May! I have several very cute shoes that have been missing their mate (lost under a stack of laundry, or wedged under a car seat) since July!

My wonderful husband, who graciously stayed at home to babysit our daughter every single weekend of the 2010 summer, must be let out of the house. He has several trips planned in November, and I will only be available by appointment.

For the last month just the thought of a wedding has been exhausting. I was not very enthusiastic about coming in to work, or the thought of 2011 weddings. However, tonight I had a couple in to look at the library. They were looking for a ceremony and reception in Stillwater, and were so excited & enthusiastic about all the possibilities offered by Johnson Terrace. They were so excited that it made me excited! Suddenly I can't wait for 2011! I am wishing that we had some winter weddings planned. Do you know anybody who is planning a winter wedding in Stillwater? The rental fee is ONLY $100 per hour from November through April. Watch for a post about winter weddings at the library...AND...I've been thinking about holding a winter wedding show...just something small to show off how the Library and Johnson Terrace could be used during the arctic off-season. Watch for new blog posts and new energy very soon!

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