Friday, August 14, 2009

That's How I Roll

I'm feeling a little bit bad today about the way I handled a situation. It was 5:00 PM and the closing announcement for the library had been made. The bride and groom, and their wedding party were arriving, when I noticed 2 women standing in the rotunda of the library looking out onto the terrace. I asked them if they were part of the wedding party, and they said no. They were just here to look. I introduced myself as Anne, the event coordinator, and let them know that the library was closing. I waived everyone into the events wing so that the building could be locked up. Just then, I got a call, letting me know that cars were parked in the parking ramp, which needs to be closed and locked at the end of the day. The two women stated that they were parked in the ramp, and I told them they had to move their vehicle...although not in a very nice way, in fact, I was very curt in directing them to move their car. Not a great first impression.

To make a long story short, I probably could have been nicer; given them a card, and let them know when I could answer their questions or let them in to take a look at the terrace...and I didn't do either of those things. HOWEVER, please know that if you stop by on the day of a rehearsal or a wedding, you are my 2nd priority. Wedding days and rehearsals are the most important day of somebody's life, and they have paid a lot of money to have me on my game that day. So, if any of you perspective brides & grooms have stopped by and gotten the brush off, I'm very sorry! But rest assured, I'll be on my game for your wedding day, and be just as mean and bitchy to any perspective clients making your rehearsal run late.

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