Friday, June 15, 2012

When You're Busy Making Other Plans

Thank you everyone for the calls and emails about the maternity wedding dress!

Sometimes things just don't turn out as planned. 

After a surprise pregnancy, that led to a surprise engagment, that led to a frenzied attempt at planning a  wedding on 2 weeks notice... brother and my sister-and-law ended up having their wedding ceremony in my sister-in-law's hospital bed when their baby tried to arrive 2+ months early.  Sometimes all you really need for a wedding is two people in love (and an exemption from the 5-day waiting period for a marriage in the state of Wisconsin...and an officiant...and 2 witnesses).

Congratulations Luke and Jamie!  I am so happy that Charlie Mae decided to wait until her due date, and I think you'll have one of the all-time greatest wedding stories to tell Charlie when she grows up!

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