Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pretty. Simple.

Jamie  and Tony held their wedding ceremony at the Stillwater Public Library in September of 2010 ( I'm so far behind on the blogging that it isn't even funny anymore).  The title of this post says it all.  This wedding was pretty and simple.  When you have a wedding ceremony in one spot, and a reception in another, it's always nice to have as little as possible to transport from one to the other.  This ceremony had decor and floral that was all easy-up and easy-down.  It made enough of an impact that the colors and theme of the wedding were incorporated into the ceremony, but it also let all the natural beauty surrounding the Stillwater Public Library shine. 
The other thing I love about the colors Jamie selected is that she used great fall colors (browns, oranges, yellows) but kept things bright.  In early September when things are still warm, sunny, and green traditional fall colors can feel very heavy.  Keeping bright colors like green and turquoise in the mix felt perfect for the time of year, and tied in with the green trees and the view of the blue river from the library's rooftop.

The floral design was created by Tricia at Century Floral.  The pomander balls were brought in ready to be hung on chairs and on the pergola, meaning decorating took mere minutes, and packing up took even less than that! 

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