Friday, August 12, 2011

S&E: the Laura Radniecki version

Stephanie and Eric were married at Stillwater Public Library on Johnson Terrace in June of 2011.  Stephanie absolutely loved this wedding from 2010.  It gave her the courage to omit the wedding dance (since she's not a dancer) and go with an appetizer and cocktail reception.  Stephanie was so much fun to work with, and she sends the BEST thank you notes!  The wedding provided a lot of time for mingling and catching up with old friends.  Eric and Stephanie did a little too much catching up!  They chatted away, inviting everyone else to chow down before they visited the buffet.  The caterer and I assured Steph that she didn't need an additional fruit tray...and guess who didn't get any fruit at the end of the night??  Oops, sorry Stephanie.  The wedding photographer, Laura Radniecki Images, has a great blog post about the event.  Please check out her work!

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