Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 Begins!

Heather and Nick were married on the Stillwater Public Library's terrace on Saturday, in our first wedding of 2011.  In preparation for her wedding, Heather spent a lot of time researching tents.   a 250+ list of possible guests, Heather didn't want to gamble with Minnesota's unpredictable spring weather.  After calling many companies, Heather ended up with a very unique configuration of 4 tents through Festivities.  The set-up was comprised of two 35-foot hexagon tents, with a 20x20 square tent on each end.

Reception Set-up
 Heather's decision to rent a canopy for her wedding, turned out to worth the expense.  While the day began with sunshine and blue skies, it turned to thunder showers and heavy rain in the late afternoon.  Strong winds blew rain inside the tent and soaked the first and last rows of chairs, and the plan for a ceremony outside the tent (under the library's pergola) had to be scrapped.  Just as the wedding party was preparing to walk down the aisle, the rain stopped.  It took less than 10 minutes to dry chairs and move the altar decorations back under the pergola.  As Heather walked up the aisle to meet Nick under the pergola, the sun burst out of the clouds and a rainbow formed over the St. Croix River.  Magic! 
A crystal curtain hanging from the pergola glistened in the sun as Heather and Nick exchanged vows.  Both bride and groom were extremely relaxed during the ceremony, as the celebrant was Heather's grandfather, and the bride and groom were secretly already newlyweds.  They had been legally married in a small, private civil ceremony a few days before the wedding.  

The crystal curtain that had glistened by day, began to glitter and glow by night as the reception, catered by Chow Girls, got underway.  Crystal chandeliers were suspended from the center of each tent, and each table glowed with light sprinkling of crystal beads over the tablecloth, and ivory LED candles.  Bar service was provided by Town and Country Catering, and was located inside the library's cafe.  If you like the look of the crystals for a wedding, here are some high-end decor ideas.  I love the crystal trees.

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