Monday, March 28, 2011

Camera Love Photography

Used by permission of Shaun Liboon
Camera Love Photography
The above photo is from Kate and Joey's wedding in September of 2010.  One of their very talented photographers, Shaun Liboon of Camera Love Photography was kind enough to share it with me (and with you).  I have posted the link to Camera Love's blog post featuring Kate & Joey's wedding before, but now that I have this spiffy picture to go with it, I'm posting it again

I have a few pictures of my own from their wedding, and I'll get them posted ASAP.  They had a fun wedding and great friends.  It wasn't such a fantastic night for me...I'll update this post soon with the story of me having to be a great big killjoy all night...oh well...important lessons about music on the terrace were learned, and I'll tell you what those were as well.  Maybe tomorrow, okay?  In the meantime, check out Joey's very cool job.

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