Monday, November 8, 2010

The Inside Scoop

Don't panic. The above is a work-in-progress. It looks like a great big mess, but we're going to clean it up. By the time you read this, painting should be complete and the Margaret Rivers Room at the Stillwater Public Library (I affectionately refer to her as Maggie) will be back in business and better than ever. The ceiling seems higher, the room feels bigger, and the colors are neutral. Maggie is looking good!

How ironic. I finally have time, and a few good photos for a post about the indoor spaces available for weddings and events at the Stillwater Public Library... and all of my pictures are now out of date. All pictures from here on out will be from Maggie's old color you've got to use your imagination, and keep in mind that things have changed for the better. Agreed?

The Margaret Rivers Room is our biggest indoor space. It can hold up to 120 guests (seated at tables), but 100 guests or less is the best fit. I have managed to fit 160 people into the room, but it was a tight squeeze, and uncomfortable for both the guests and servers at the reception.

A reception in the Margaret Rivers Room has many advantages:

  • Catering staff can prepare the room behind closed doors before and/or during the ceremony and after the reception. You benefit because you can have a tighter timeline; your caterer can arrive later and depart earlier.
  • No last minute changes due to inclement weather.
  • The furniture in the Margaret Rivers Room is not rented like the Library's outdoor furniture. If you opt for an indoor reception, the only cost is a $50.00 set up fee.
  • If your ceremony is outdoors, and your reception indoors, you can have separate color schemes. Double the fun!

For the majority of brides, the Margaret Rivers room is used as a Plan B back-up in rainy or unseasonable weather. For others, their guest list exceeds the capacity of the Margaret Rivers Room, and an indoor reception is not an option. In either case, many caterers will recommend that Maggie be used during cocktail hour, or for your buffet line. This keeps your food close to the kitchen, and safe from wind, rain, and bugs. Your caterer is the best judge of where buffet lines should be located. Maggie's in-ceiling sound system and projection screen make adding a DVD slide show to your cocktail hour a breeze (notice the screen in the picture below).

But wait, there's more! The Margaret Rivers Room is a great option for your dance. Music on the terrace must conclude at 10:00 p.m. If you want the party to last longer, the Maggie is a great place for your dance.
Many live bands will not play on the terrace unless a canopy is provided. In the picture above, the bride and groom collected vintage furniture to create a lounge in the Margaret Rivers Room. Below, cocktail tables are set around a rented dance floor.
The Margaret Rivers Room can also be used for ceremonies and conferences. Below is an example of ceremony seating for 75 guests.

In addition to the Margaret Rivers Room, the use of the gallery area is included in all wedding and event rentals. The art works in the gallery rotate every 2 months, and highlight the work of local artists. The gallery can be used for receiving lines, buffet lines, or to display pictures, guest books, or cakes.

Last, because it is so small (seating only 12), is the Conference Room. Most brides use this room as their personal dressing room, or storage room. It can also be used as a lactation room if you have guests with infants, or as a secure gift room (in lieu of gift table).

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