Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not So Innocent

First initials are used to protect the

E. booked her ceremony and reception at the Stillwater Public Library over a year in advance. "Books are my life!" she told me when we first met. Wide-eyed, innocent-looking E. met with me several times to ask politely in her quiet, little voice for some small exceptions to the rules. For example, she wanted it know if it was okay to use a caterer that was not on our catering list, or could she have a traditional Hawaiian fire-dancer twirl flaming hula hoops her wedding reception? The answer, surprisingly, was YES. To both requests. Really! The fire department even drew up an 80 page document outlining the rules for safely twirling flaming hula hoops on the library's terrace.
The bride, who works at a local bed & breakfast, has a passion for all things Victorian. A color scheme of blushing pinks, baby blues and ivories was used for the floral centerpieces and bouquets. Ivory lace and wooden handled fans would have impressed even Miss Austen herself.

I probably should have known that E. was not as innocent as she looked when she asked for flaming hula hoops. She, in fact, has a WICKED sense of humor! In my defense, J. the groom also walked into E.'s scheme. The civil ceremony moved along at the usual brisk pace until it came to the groom's wedding vows. J. was asked not to "love and obey," but was given a long list of outrageous demands such as promising to rub the bride's feet, serve her breakfast in bed, and mow the lawn without complaint. The look on the man's face was priceless. PRICELESS! At first confusion, then shock and skepticism (his brow furrowed and head this real?) and then a sheepish grin and red face as he saw the spreading smile on E,'s face, and knew he'd been bested. The vows, unfortunately, were not legally binding.

The champagne bottles for the wedding were opened by the bride's father with a military sabre. If you have never seen this done, it is absolutely exhilarating to watch. Check it out here. Food was prepared by Chef Ray Wyatt of the Rivertown Inn. The menu included baked chicken and pasta in a white wine and bacon gravy accompanied by fall vegetables. The cake was made by Buttercream. Alcohol service was provided by Mintahoe Hospitality Group.

The professional photography was by Verna Pitts, one of my all-time favorite wedding vendors. She has promised to share some of the images, and I can't wait to show them to all of you! Check back, they are coming soon. You can see some of her work on her website or on our event website. After the prank wedding vows that had everyone rolling in the aisles and the dramatic sabrage of the champagne, it was probably a good thing that the fire dancer was dropped at the last minute. This wedding was exciting without flaming hula hoops!

You can see more pictures from this wedding on the Rivertown Inn's blog.

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