Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank You Ms. Weiher-Traas

At dawn on Saturday I stood out on Johnson Terrace thinking about a long-ago morning when I was in high school. It was the first morning of a huge debate and drama club tournament that my high school traveled out-of-state for every single year. My best friend/debate partner and I had been up most of the night and were sneaking onto the tournament bus 10 minutes late when the drama coach spotted us. In front of the entire team and DoubleTree Hotel lobby she did what drama coaches do best - made examples of us - delivering a long lecture at 4o decibels, concluding with the rhetorical question "HOW WILL YOU EVER HOLD DOWN A REAL JOB WITH YOUR COMPLETE INABILITY TO BE ON TIME FOR ANYTHING??"

Well, I am still chronically late for everything. And yes, it is debatable that what I do for a living is NOT a "real job." Thank you Ms. Weiher-Traas for making me aware of my character flaws at such a young and tender age. I own my business and love my job. I'm my own boss, and very forgiving when I'm late. We've also come a long way since 1996...

...Starbucks has a drive-thru. It opens at 5 AM.

Thus, on the rare occasions I must wake at dawn I can arrive at work fully caffeinated and get THIS view of Stillwater all to myself. I can't complain.

Oh, and if you want that great view of Stillwater all to yourself, it is availible for the low rate of $187.50/hour. $100/hour on Sundays. Just call me.

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